Super Mario World


box art

A colorful masterpiece.

Played on the SNES

Nintendo made a name for itself with the NES when they bundled Super Mario Bros. Mario became an instant icon in pop culture. Shigeru Miyamoto did what any developer would do and created a game that would outshine his original game. The arrival of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) enabled the development of Super Mario World and was released on November 21, 1990. A lot of new and amazing ideas were added to the original recipe and created one of the greatest games of all times. Think of it this way…the original was a hamburger, a simple food anyone can enjoy. Super Mario World is a bacon avocado cheeseburger, it just added so much more to the original recipe that it replaced the original recipe entirely.

Bowser kidnapped the princess…again! Time for our favorite Italian plumber to save the day and the kingdom once again. Gamers were introduced to a new world of Goombas and Koopas, where a maniacal turtle wanted to kidnap a princess from a plumber (do I sense jealousy?) and rule the world. Super Mario World expanded upon Mario’s universe and gave players an experience unlike any other.

What changed from the original run, jump, and shooting fireballs? Well…let’s start off with another iconic character, Yoshi!  Yoshi was the newest addition to the Mario family and gave players a fun way to getting rid of bad guy by eating them and turning them into coins. Plus, Yoshi showed off his different sides by eat different types of Koopas and gets a special power. I wanted to keep Yoshi alive forever and tried to find ways to get the secret Yoshis as you run around. Then there are others who found out that once you ditch Yoshi (into the deep and darkest abyss…), you jump even higher to reach your (selfish!) goals.


Power-ups such as the mushroom and the fire flower are still in the game, but the newest addition was one of the most memorable one; the feather. Once Mario gained this incredible power, he donned a cape to become a flying plumber and was able to fly up to amazing heights and float his way around each level. He also deploys his cape and spin attacks his enemies to death. The power-up allowed access to all the secret areas and paths and brought a new level of exploration.

Level designs never stopped impressing me throughout my hours of play. Tackling levels high up in the clouds to the darkest caves of Mushroom Kingdom. Thought you finished a level? Nope! There was always something more to look for. Taking the Metroid route where players were replaying levels to find new secrets. I could of have just played through the main level and beat the game…but where’s the fun in that? Especially when there was so much exploration, this was the 2D equivalent of open-world games.

start screen

New enemies also challenged gamers to perfect the timing of jumps and attacks to beat your foes. The SNES allowed the developers to try new game mechanics and up the level of fun and difficulty. The game had you climbing on fences punching koopas to there deaths, bouncing on football player-like enemies, dodging ginormous Bullet Bills, and among other crazy enemies. The difference between the original game and this for the enemies were a huge jump. The beginning levels gave you a taste on how crazy good the game will be and just kept pace throughout.

Full use of the hardware was in play. The color palette went the full distance and the game took advantage of every possible color combination. What this did was bring a vivid world that “popped”. It was like being in a coloring book done by a professional artist. Music left a happy memory and sounded beautifully for each level. Everything came together perfectly. Nothing was left unfinished and it stands as one of the greatest games of all time.

Super Mario World brought platforming and adventure games to new heights. I still have my SNES and I play this game once in a while to re-experience an all-time classic. Even to this day, the game still holds up to current games . Exploring every level to expose new secrets and to enjoy the simplicity of it all. Innovation is always key in creating games, but Miyamoto showed how innovative his ideas were with limited technology and left gamers in awe until his next creation.


Awesome wallpaper by Rogelead (deviantART).

My Rating: 5/5


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