Shadow Warrior


Too Much “Wang”…

Played on the Xbox One

First-person shooters during the days of Doom were all about fast-paced, no-nonsense fun by running around shooting bad guys in their pixelated faces and stumbling upon a few secret areas. The game’s story sole purpose was to introduce the gamers to the game; no need for a Steven Spielberg storyline. First-person shooters these days offer “Hollywood-esque” moments and have become more story driven than before. The days of fast-paced shooters such as Doom and Duke Nukem seemed to be all but forgotten. Devolver Digital and Flying Wild Hog brought back an old-school favorite to life and decided it was time to remind gamers what first-person shooters were once about.

I never played – or even heard of – Shadow Warrior before the remake. The only information I knew was 3D Realms was responsible of the birth of Duke Nukem. Just like the original, a bloody orchestra and cheap puns were all present. But is it a nostalgic piece or a terrible reminder of the past? Continue reading “Shadow Warrior”